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Our 20ml metallic paints are available separately and we supply a FREE paintbrush* with every order.  The paints are for painting hand and foot plaster casts (these are exactly the same as what we supply in all of our kits), the paints can also be used on our super soft BabyRice Clay-Dough
Do ensure that your plaster casts are thoroughly dried inside and out before painting them, as if there is any excess moisture left in your plaster cast, the paint will absorb right into your cast and literally suck away your paint layer!  On average, you will need 3 coats of paint to make a nice, even finish.  As a guide, one 20ml pot of our metallic paint is sufficient to paint up to 6 newborn (tiny!) baby hand and foot casts and we'd suggest 2 pots of 20ml metallic paints for painting 2 adult hand casts.
Please note that the paints are NOT for painting on your baby's handand feet to take their prints as contact with the skin should be avoided. If you are looking for a baby-safe paint or an inkless ink to take your baby's hand and footprints, then please go to our Baby Hand & Footprint Kits page where we have a large selection to purchase from.
(*1 paintbrush supplied with every paint order, i.e. if you purchase 2 or more paints, you get 1 free brush)

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Metallic Silver Paint 20ml Pot

Product no.: Silver Paint 20ml


Metallic Gold Paint 20ml Pot

Product no.: Gold Paint 20ml


Metallic Bronze Paint 20ml Pot

Product no.: Bronze Paint 20ml


Metallic Pewter Paint 20ml Pot

Product no.: Pewter Paint 20ml


Metallic Black Paint 20ml Pot

Product no.: Black paint 20ml


Metallic White Paint 20ml Pot

Product no.: White Paint 20ml


Metallic Blue Paint 20ml Pot

Product no.: Blue Paint 20ml


Metallic Lilac Paint 20ml Pot

Product no.: Lilac Paint 20ml


Any 2 x 20ml Paints

Product no.: Any 2 Paints 20ml


Any 3 x 20ml Paints

Product no.: Any 3 Paints 20ml