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Business Opportunities - Jewellery Parties UK


If you know of any friends and family that would be interested in our personalised jewellery, then why not earn yourself some extra cash by selling our products to them! Our silver items are solid .925 Sterling Silver and our steel items are Stainless Steel as we only use top quality materials. Our jewellery is not limited to baby handprints and footprints, adult fingerprints are really popular as well as pet paw prints so our range of personalised jewellery is pretty much suitable for everyone! And then there's the important dates of the year where these items make fabulous gifts – Valentine's Day on 14th February, Mother's Day in March, Father's Day in June and Christmas!

How it works and how much money can you make:

You'll need to get a minimum of 8 orders from your family and friends, though the more orders you can get, the more money you can make! You will earn £7 per order.

Using our website, your friends and family can choose anything from our personalised jewellery pages, prices start at £34.95 and as an incentive for your friends and family to purchase via you and not direct from our website, you can offer your friends and family £5 off all items in our range that are £34.95 and over.

We will pay you £7 for every order you get for us, so for 8 orders, you will make £56.00. 10 orders will make you £70.00, 20 will make you £140 and so on. You can hold parties at your home, ask around at the nursery, post-natal groups, baby clubs, the doctors, use social media etc to take the opportunity to drum up interest and sales! The more effort you put in, the more you will get out of it!

The first step:

You will need the inkless wipes and cards (to get the prints) and order sheets. You can either choose to hold a party style event where you help to take the prints for each order, or sort out the inkless wipes, cards and order sheets and give a set to each person for them to take their prints in their own time at home and then pass on to you when they are ready.

You will need to purchase the starter pack quantity you want from below – you will get your money back for this when you place your first set of orders. We will post out your pack either the same day (if your order is received before 12.30pm) or the day after and it will be sent by 1st Class Signed for. With this pack will be a voucher code, unique for you, that you will use when you place the orders you get on our website. The pack will also contain a mailing label and pre-paid postage for you to post your customer's prints and order sheets back to us.

The next step:

Then you hold your party or whatever it is that you choose to do to get the orders! You get the payment up front from your new customers and then you place the orders that you want on our website, using the unique voucher code we sent to you. The voucher code will deduct the initial amount you spent on the inkless wipes and cards pack, it will deduct £5 off the price for each item that your customer has placed and it will also deduct the £7 on each item that you have earned. If you have any problems at all in placing your orders on our website, then just give us a call and we can sort out the orders and take your payment over the phone.

Here's an example:

You buy 10 pack of inkless cards, wipes and order forms for £30.00.

You get 10 orders, let's say each order is the same (to make this calculation easy!) and all of your customers have ordered the silver heart pendant at £59.95, they have got the £5.00 discount and they each pay you £54.95. You now have £549.50 from your customers.

So far you have spent £30.00 and now you have £549.50.

You place your customers orders on our website – you add all of the items into your shopping basket, the total here will be £599.50 (10 x £59.95) but now you enter your voucher code and £30.00 is deducted to refund you your initial costs for the starter pack, £50.00 is deducted for the £5.00 off for each of your customer's orders and £70.00 is deducted which is your earnings for £7.00 per item, so the total in the shopping basket is now £449.50. So out of the £549.50 your customers have given you, you are left with £100.00 which is the £30.00 refunded on the starter pack and your £70.00 earnings.

It's as simple as that and is a great way to earn yourself some extra cash.

This above business opportunity is UK orders only.

Please contact us if you are overseas as we can still offer the same great opportunity, but we need to add on a little extra cost for secure delivery of finished orders to whichever country you are based in.

The below packs can only be purchased once – you will need to have used your initial pack and placed your jewellery orders before you can place another order for a second, third, fourth pack and so on. This is to avoid anyone purchasing these packs for purposes other than what they are intended for!

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Earn Commission - Pack of 8 kits for Jewellery orders

Product no.: EC.JEWLPACK.8

£24.00 / pack(s)

Earn Commission - Pack of 10 kits for Jewellery orders

Product no.: EC.JEWLPACK.10

£30.00 / pack(s)

Earn Commission - Pack of 12 kits for Jewellery orders

Product no.: EC.JEWLPACK.12

£36.00 / pack(s)

Earn Commission - Pack of 15 kits for Jewellery orders

Product no.: EC.JEWLPACK.15

£45.00 / pack(s)