Pronounced 'al-jin-ate', our fast setting BabyRice Chromatic Alginate is exactly what you need for making hand and feet impression moulds for hand and foot casting. Chromatic means colour-changing and our Alginate goes through a 3 colour stage process (white to pink to white again) whilst in use. Alginate is commonly used by model-makers and dentists for it's excellent replication of the finest detail. Our alginate is formulated to set quickly, as when making moulds of babies hands and feet, you want it to work quick so your baby need not stay still for too long!  However, we suggest that if your baby is too wriggly during your first impression mould making attempt, then to wait until your baby is fast asleep before trying again so that you do not waste the alginate! Our alginate can be made to set quicker by using warmer water, or if you need it to set slower then use cooler water - full details are included in the instructions.
Do note that you will also need Casting Plaster to pour into your alginate impression mould - so please purchase this too if you do not have any at home.  As a guide, we suggest for each 500g bag of BabyRice Alginate to have 800g of our Casting Plaster, or 1kg of BabyRice Alginate to 1kg of Casting Plaster.

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BabyRice Chromatic Alginate (Fast Set) 500g

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BabyRice Chromatic Alginate (Fast Set) 1KG

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BabyRice Chromatic Alginate (Fast Set) 2KG

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BabyRice Chromatic Alginate (Fast Set) 5KG

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BabyRice Chromatic Alginate (Fast Set) 12KG

Product no.: BR100.24 BOX