Baby Casting Kits - basic materials

Baby Casting Kit - from just £14.99!

The hand & foot baby casting kits on this page are from our basic range. There is enough alginate and plaster materials in each kit to create up to 6 different hand and/or foot casts of a newborn baby or 2-3 casts of a toddler. One adult hand cast can be created with these kits, but please see our Adult Hand Casting Kits page if you want a kit designed for adult hands. These 'basic' baby casting kits are perfect if you are on a budget and would like to give 3D casting a go at home, you can always come back at a later date and purchase a shadow box display frame to display your baby's hand and foot casts in! All of our materials are available to purchase separately, you can find them on our 3D Life Casting Kit Refills page. This means that you can either add additional alginate, plaster or paints to your current order, or come back later if you want more to make even more casts!

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Baby Casting Kit / Silver paint

Product no.: 300.SIL BASIC


Baby Casting Kit / Gold paint

Product no.: 300.GLD BASIC


Baby Casting Kit / Bronze paint

Product no.: 300.BRZ BASIC


Baby Casting Kit / Blue paint

Product no.: 300.BLU BASIC


Baby Casting Kit / Pewter paint

Product no.: 300.PTR BASIC


Baby Casting Kit / Metallic Black paint

Product no.: 300.BLK BASIC


Baby Casting Kit / Metallic Ivory White paint

Product no.: 300.WHT BASIC


Baby Casting Kit / Silver & Gold paint

Product no.: 300.S&G BASIC