Adult Hands Casting Kits

Adult Hand Casting Kits

As well as offering kits to make Baby Casts, we also have kits to make Adult Hand casts too! 

The do-it-yourself kits are very easy to do. In fact, if you have already made some baby hand and foot casts with our kits, then making adult hand casts is so much easier as adults tend to be a lot less wriggly!   

Our easy to follow instructions will enable you to make a couple of gorgeous adult hand casts - and the finished casts will definitely get your friends and family talking about them. They look even more stunning in real life than in the pictures shown.

These kits are gift boxed and make perfect unique presents for newly weds, wedding anniversaries, valentines, couples etc.

We sell the alginate and plaster casting materials separately and so if you would like extra impression powders for other casting projects, then please go to our 'refills' page where these can be purchased separately.

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