Large Baby Casting Kit / Gold paint

Large Baby Casting Kit / Gold paint

Product no.: 301.G 12 CAST

Everything is included in this fabulous kit to make up to 12 beautiful lifelike casts of your newborn baby's hands and/or feet.

Our kits come with a huge amount of moulding & plaster powder to enable you to create lots of different hand and foot casts!
This Baby Casting Kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and will enable you to replicate exactly your baby's gorgeous & tiny hands and feet. With this particular kit, you will be able to create up to 12 different hand and/or foot casts of a newborn baby (or 4-6 casts for a 3 year old).

Every single detailed print, line and wrinkle of your baby's hand and/or foot is captured, you'll be amazed at the fantastic results and will treasure your casts forever more.
A beautiful and truly unique baby keepsake item! Keep the casts yourself forever, or hand down to your little one when they become an adult.

The impression moulding material is totally safe to use from a newborn age and complies fully with British Safety Standards (it is so safe that it is widely used in the dental profession to make impression moulds of the inside of the mouth).

1kg Alginate
1kg Plaster
Cups and plastic bags
Cocktails sticks and paintbrush
Metallic Gold paint
Easy to follow instructions
Packaged in a box (see pics for details)

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