Soft White Clay Dough in Mothers Day Tin for Baby Hand & Footprints

Soft White Clay Dough in Mothers Day Tin for Baby Hand & Footprints

Product no.: 1.CD.TIN.MOTHDAY

Our BabyRice Clay-Dough is specially formulated to easily take the impressions of babies hand and footprints - it is super soft and squidgy and is really lightweight. It is air drying too - so no need for any baking. This kit comes complete with a lovely engraved keepsake tin saying 'Happy Mother's Day' and will make any Mum's day when she sees her little one's cute imprints in the tin.  Please note that the photo is of baby imprints, not outprints. The photo may look like the prints are outprints, but it's an optical illusion with the photograph!

Simply knead the clay dough until soft and pliable, then roll out the clay dough into the tin. Gently press your baby's hand and foot into the clay dough. You can keep kneading, rolling out the clay dough and taking your baby's prints until you are happy with them and once you are happy with the imprints, you simply leave it to dry.

This lovely baby prints kit contains:
Engraved Happy Mother's Day Keepsake tin
100g of BabyRice Clay-Dough

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