Large Baby Casting Kit, Rococo Vintage Silver Frame, Hand Foot Casts

Large Baby Casting Kit, Rococo Vintage Silver Frame, Hand Foot Casts

Product no.: 120.BLK1.BLKBKG.S

Large Baby Casting Kit complete with gorgeous Ornate Rococo style Frame.
This kit will make up to 12 casts for a newborn or 3-4 casts for a toddler (age 3).
So you can make plenty of casts and display the best ones in the large display area!

The casting section of the kit comprises of the following:

* 1kg Colour change (chromatic) dental grade Alginate
* 800g High Grade Casting Plaster
* 6 Polybags
* 2 plastic cups
* Cocktail sticks
* Silver Metallic Paint
* Artists Paintbrush
* Glue
* And of course, easy to follow instructions!

The frame section of the kit:

The luxury, Ornate Rococo style vintage Silver effect frame ( handcrafted by us ) will easily compliment any decor around the home.
The frame measures:

Glass area: Length 11.5" x Width 9.5" x Depth 1.75".
This box frame has plenty of depth to it as if baby's hand is curled up instead of spread out then it will take up more room.
This frame is designed to allow for that extra room.
The frame gives a professional & well proportioned display for your casts.

Black mount & backing card.

Packing: the item is gift packed by hand into a nice box.
It is perfectly packaged for either a treat for yourself or a gift for another.

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