Stunning New Baby Silver Christening Gift, DIY 3D Hands & Foot Casting

Stunning New Baby Silver Christening Gift, DIY 3D Hands & Foot Casting

Product no.: 708.BLKSGL.BLK.6x4END.SIL

"Everything is included to make beautiful lifelike casts of your child's hands/feet and also display them in a luxury handcrafted 14.5x8.5" frame. (14.5x8.5" is the glass measurement, so the entire frame is approx. 17.5x11.5"! )
The depth of the frame for your casts is 1.75" - which gives plenty of depth so you shouldn't need to file away at your casts to get them to fit in! (A common problem with shallower depth box frames).

This baby casting kit is great for either a single child, or twins due to the large display area and plenty of alginate and plaster powders.

3D casting gives you stunning results and an everlasting reminder of just how little your baby's hands/feet once were. Every single detailed print, line and wrinkle of your baby's hand/foot is captured, you'll be amazed at the fantastic results and will treasure your casts forever more.

The casting section of the kit comprises of the following:

* 1kg Colour change (chromatic) Alginate (comes in x2 500g bags)
* 800g High Grade Casting Plaster
* 6 Polybags
* 2 plastic cups
* Cocktail sticks
* Metallic Silver Paint
* Artists Paintbrush
* Glue
* And of course, easy to follow instructions!

The frame section of the kit:

This frame is made by us and will easily compliment any decor around the home. The frame measures:

Glass: Length 14.5" x Width 8.5" (overall measurement is approx. 17.5x11.5") Depth 1.75".
The front Mount card cut out is 13x7”.
The lower backing card has a 6x4” photo cut out leaving a large display area of 8x7”.
This frame can be displayed either in landscape layout (as pictured) or in portrait layout, with the cut out either being on the left or right when in landscape or top or bottom when in portrait!

The frame and casting materials are also available to purchase separately, which is great if you want to display any extra casts and frame them too for family members, or make even more casts!"

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