Adult Hand Casting Kit 2 Holding Hands with Containers Bronze Silver Gold

Adult Hand Casting Kit 2 Holding Hands with Containers Bronze Silver Gold

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A most beautiful and memorable keepsake, our adult hands life casting kit makes a great and totally unique wedding gift, or an anniversary gift, valentines gift, etc. Designed to create two adult holding hands cast - though you could cast up to 4 hands each time (2 adults, 2 small children), as long as all of the hands will easily fit into the supplied casting container.  This kit contains enough materials to create one holding hand cast for the first go, with extra materials to create the same again for a second go.  Every single print, wrinkle, lines and fingerprint details of the hand is captured, you'll be totally amazed at the detailed result and so will your friends and family! Once painted in our fabulous paint finish, your 3d hand casts will look simply stunning – a real work of art for you to showcase, and yet all quite easy to achieve and at a great price!  Further below is a 1min 37 video of how it is done, you can see how easy it is to create a wonderful hand cast!



This relatively easy to do kit creates simply stunning results.  Unique and thoughtful, this adult hands life casting kit is suitable for a whole bunch of occasions such as a: Wedding Gift, Wedding Anniversary Gift, Couples Gift, Civil Ceremony Gift, Valentines Gift, Mother's Day Gift, Father's Day Gift, Christmas Gift, Lovers Gift, Grandparents Gift, Brother & Sister Gift, Sibings Gift, in fact, any occasion!  You can also create a beautiful keepsake of a loved one's hand (either their hand on it's own, or holding another person's) for bereavement, having something to treasure dearly when your loved one has gone...  A truly remarkable and unique gift.



This adult hand casting kit contains plenty of high grade colour change (chromatic) alginate impression powder - which is totally safe for use on your skin as the alginate's main ingredient is seaweed!  (It conforms to British safety standards BS 4269 Pt.2:1991 & ISO 1563:1990).  There's 2kg per kit, enough to create 1 set of Adult Hands plus extra materials for a second go at casting. And there's 3kg of strong, stone casting plaster. All materials can be bought separately in our online shop should you wish to purchase more for additional casts.



3D casting produces amazing results and the effort is more than worth it, we promise!  With the help of our instructions that come with the kit you will be able to produce a great double hand cast, just like the photos show you here!


The ADULT HAND CASTING KIT FOR 2 ADULT CASTS comprises of the following:

2kg Colour change (chromatic) BabyRice Alginate

3kg High Grade Stone Casting Plaster

2 x 5L Clear Casting Containers

Black Paint & Artists Paintbrush

Finishing Wax & Cloth

Cocktail sticks

And of course, easy to follow instructions!


PACKING:  This kit is wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with ribbon.  Outer carton:  recycled brown carton for delivery.



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