Value Baby Handprints Footprints Kit Black Inkless Wipes - Pink Card

Value Baby Handprints Footprints Kit Black Inkless Wipes - Pink Card

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Great value inkless prints kit on Pink card.

Take your baby's hand and footprint with ease - the ink free formula leaves no messy black ink on your baby's hands and feet!

Simply use the wipe to wipe over your baby's hands and feet and press gently onto the card provided - baby's prints will magically appear and in great detail too!

Babies soon grow and this is a great way to capture and create your keepsake of their tiny hands and feet. However, you're never too old to have your prints taken and these kits are great for also capturing adult handprints and fingerprints as well as pet paw prints.

Although ink-free, there can be some residue left, simply wipe baby's hands and feet with a baby-wipe to remove.

Choose from various pack options - 5.5x8.5" size is perfectly suitable for newborn babies hand prints and footprints. 11x8.5" size is great for older children and adult's prints.

Perfectly safe to use on newborn babies skin, the wipes are non-toxic and conform to EU regulations.

These are value packs and are packed simply in a clear plastic sleeve with instructions and then popped into a hard-backed envelope for posting.

Questions and Answers

Q. Are these safe to use on my baby's skin?

A. Yes, these are perfectly safe, they conform to EU regulation No. 1907/2006

Q. Can the wipes be used on any paper?

A. No, the wipes only work with the cards provided. The cards are coated with a special solution.

Q. Can I use these to take pawprints of my dog / cat?

A. Yes! Although to get a clear pad-paw print, you might want to cut some of your pet's fur within their pads so that their pawprint shows up well and not their hair/fur!

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