Wholesale Inkless Wipes

Wholesale Inkless Wipes

Strictly for the Jewellery business, Hospitals and Trusts, BabyRice are delighted to offer these mess free inkless wipe kits wholesale to you if you are looking to buy in larger quantities. 
These mess-free wipes are so easy to use, they pick up the most amazing detail and are perfect to use for your fingerprint jewellery business for taking handprints, footprints etc to then put on the jewellery.
Our wholesale inkless wipe kits come with A4 size cards and you can choose how many cards per wipe you need. 
Below are the most popular wholesale inkless wipe order quantities which you can purchase immediately. Depending on your order quantity, we use a mixture of 24 hour courier and 1st Class signed-for post. We can also Airmail & Courier to other countries. We aim to despatch all orders within 1 working day and we prioritise our inkless wipe wholesale orders because if you're anything like us, ordering is usually left until the last minute and we know you'll need them asap for your business!
All of our inkless wipes are an easy to use wipe / towelette. The wipes are very easy to use and take excellent hand and footprints.
Due to popular demand, we are now stocking the transparency film paper for use in inkjet printers. For those of you who are new to jewellery making with hand and footprints etc, you will need this special paper to print out your images on to and to make your stamp with. This special paper is usually quite expensive but we can offer it to you at a great price!
> NEW! we currently print 'do not print on this side' on the cards and we can add your company name too at no extra cost. If you would like us to do this, please let us know in the 'customer comments' box at the checkout. Please ensure your spelling/details are correct as we will be copying and pasting the info you give to us!
IMPORTANT: Regrettably, due to our work and ideas being copied, we are ONLY selling these wholesale wipes to legitimate fingerprint jewellery businesses, Hospitals and Trusts. We may contact you to confirm your business position if we are unsure of your business status. Please include your phone number with your order in case we need to verify details with you.
Please bookmark this page so you can find us again easily for your future orders.

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Coated A4 White Card - for Inkless Wipes (Black prints) only

Product no.: IL.CARD.A4WHITE


Inkless Wipes (Black prints) only

Product no.: IL.WIPE.BLK


Inkless Wipe Kits Wholesale x10 wipes x20 cards (1st Signed For)

Product no.: 401.IL.W.X10/20


Inkless Wipe Kits Wholesale x25 wipes x25 cards (1st Signed For)

Product no.: 401.IL.X25/25


Inkless Wipe Kits Wholesale x50 wipes x25 cards (1st Signed For)

Product no.: 401.IL.W.X50/25


Inkless Wipe Kits Wholesale x50 wipes x50 cards (24hr)

Product no.: 401.IL.X50/50


Inkless Wipe Kits Wholesale x50 wipes x100 White cards (24hr)

Product no.: 401.IL.W.X50/100


Inkless Wipe Kits Wholesale x100 wipes x100 White card (24hr)

Product no.: 401.IL.W.X100/100